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Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Lexis and Westlaw Access for Summer 2017

As we finish up with finals, our students have been asking about Lexis and Westlaw access over the summer.

For continuing students, especially the 1Ls who will be doing externships this summer, you will keep your Lexis and Westlaw access without having to do anything! (In prior years, you had to fill out various forms.) However, Westlaw use is still limited to "educational" work, such as non-profit externships, clerking, or working for a professor or law review.

For graduating students, both Lexis and Westlaw offer extended access through the end of the year (November for Westlaw and December for Lexis). Lexis automatically does so; Westlaw requires graduates to fill out a form after they log in to the service.

If you need assistance with either or both of the services, stop by the Circulation/Reserve Desk in the Library.

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