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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Exam Tip: Review Sessions

Just before exams begin, many professors offer "review sessions" to allow students one last opportunity to solidify their knowledge about particular nuances in the law. Some of these can be incredibly helpful, but only if you are fairly prepared. Here are some suggestions:

* DON'T expect that the professor will tell you exactly what questions and topics will be covered on the exam.
* DON'T expect a complete semester-long review of every topic.
* DON'T expect to have every one of your questions answered (other people have questions too!).

* DO have your outline prepared beforehand, or at least come as prepared to the review session as you would to the exam.
* DO listen for subtle hints about the exam -- when the professor says "Hmmm, good question, but I'm not sure I can answer that in-depth" might suggest "Don't worry about that; it won't be on the exam."
* DO listen to other students' questions, since they may be asking about a topic that you hadn't thought was important.